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A Winning Pair: Cathleen Driscoll & Arome Triumph in $38,700 GGT CSI3* Welcome Stake

At the prestigious Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, under the clear skies and in the midst of thrilling equestrian action, one duo truly stood out—Cathleen Driscoll and her magnificent steed, Arome. With the $38,700 GGT CSI3* Welcome Stake on the line, they showcased an extraordinary performance that had the audience holding their breath and the competition in awe.

Cathleen Driscoll & Arome: A Dynamic Partnership

Cathleen Driscoll is no stranger to the world of competitive show jumping. Her dedication, skill, and unwavering passion for the sport have propelled her to the upper echelons of equestrian excellence. Paired with Arome, a horse of exceptional caliber, Cathleen has consistently demonstrated her remarkable talent.

In the $38,700 GGT CSI3* Welcome Stake, Cathleen and Arome delivered a performance that can only be described as exceptional. Their synergy was evident in every jump, every stride, and every precise movement as they navigated the challenging course. Their faultless rounds, combined with an unmatched level of finesse, earned them the coveted victory.

The Crucial Role of GGT Footing

GGT Footing, renowned for its excellence in equestrian arenas, provided the ideal surface for the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament. Its superior composition ensures a consistent and cushioned footing, reducing the risk of injury to both horse and rider. This stability allows horses to perform at their best, giving them the confidence to tackle challenging courses like the one in the $38,700 GGT CSI3* Welcome Stake.

Not only does GGT Footing enhance safety, but it also facilitates optimal performance. Horses can push off with precision, land comfortably, and maintain their balance on this premium surface. For riders like Cathleen Driscoll, knowing they can trust the footing beneath their horse's hooves is essential for achieving peak performance.


Cathleen Driscoll and Arome's triumph in the $38,700 GGT CSI3* Welcome Stake at the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is a testament to their dedication, talent, and partnership. It's also a reminder of the crucial role that GGT Footing plays in ensuring the highest levels of equestrian performance and safety.

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