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For Immediate Release :GGT Footing™ Continues to Support Equestrians and Horse Shows during the pa

GGT Footing™ Continues to Support Equestrians and Horse Shows during the pandemic season.

GGT -Footing has always been a strong supporter of equestrian athletes and facilities.

Recently we have added a couple new locations and events that we want to share:

Along with our partner John Anderson from Rocky Mountain Horse Show in Canada, we now have partnered with Angelstone Tournaments – in Ontario This is the tenth anniversary for the Angelstone Shows.

We have a large presence in Canada…Spruce Meadows, Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, Wesley Clover arenas, Bromont and many more!

We are continuing to sponsor the wonderful shows that West Palms Event Management in California produces .

We are still supporting our original first Horse Show Facility the Fieldstone Show park in Massachusetts.

All arenas at Fieldstone are GGT -Footing !

We are a major sponsor at The Great Lakes Equestrian Festival in Traverse City ,Michigan.

All arenas are GGT Footing.

Silver Oak jumper tournament has been a long-standing sponsored client of GGT Footing.

Now they have moved their event to Great Lakes Location in Traverse City!!

GGT Footing continues to support athletes in all disciplines.

We are excited about our new partnership with Jordan Chase and Olivia Loiacono-Putrino

At their new facility in San Marcos California.

GGT -Footing was contacted by Hillary Ridland from Blenheim California to see if we would support her event “The No Show in California “.

Event info and contact shown here:

This unique event was inspired by the need for ways to educate young horses and riders who we consider to be the future of the sport. The No Show replicates the best show standards, minus the weighty costs and fees. The courses are designed by USA Chef , Robert Ridland. In keeping with our relaxed and non-competitive spirit our motto is “No Winners, No Losers, No Problem”. There are NO rules! If a horse needs 3 or 4 attempts at a scary obstacle, then 3 or 4 is what you get. Each round is only $30, and a rider can enter as many times as they like over beautifully crafted courses ranging in height from.70m-1.30m. for jumpers and 2’ -3’6” for hunters. To make the experience even more enjoyable we provide complimentary breakfast and lunch as well as entertainment with live music. For Further info feel free to contact Hillary Ridland at 949-633-4040 or Kimberly Alexander 619.823.8234

We are excited about a couple very well-known Olympians that are getting their new location prepared!

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GGT Footing textiles have been used worldwide in Arena recipes for over 23 years.

Kentucky Horse Park including the World Equestrian Games at Kentucky and Tryon,

Winter Equestrian Festival, Tryon International, Omaha International including the World Cup Finals, Menlo Charity Horse Show, LA Masters, Old Salem Farm, Saratoga at Skidmore, and many more!!

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