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For Immediate Release

April 26, 2022

Spartanburg, S.C.

Have you ever wondered why protecting your company name or your trademark is so important?

When you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars branding the name of your company or your products, it is important to protect your investment.

They say imitation is a form of flattery.

If you are one of those people that believe that …then GGT FOOTING ™ is extremely flattered!

Over several years we have heard many customers say they have GGT- FOOTING ™ which of course many people do however sometimes they call our office, and we have the unfortunate news of telling them that the person they bought from does not sell our product and they have purchased what we call a knock off.

The quality control and specific requirements that make up GGT FOOTING™ is second to none!

That is why companies use our name to capture those that want our products.

By way of background, Polysols owns United States Trademark Registration No. 4,012,876 for its GGT GERMAN GEO TEXTILE FOOTING & Design mark for use in connection with synthetic surface material in the nature of a mixture of textiles, polyester, elasticized fibers, rubber, and rubber granules for use in laying equestrian track for recreational or sporting purposes, racing, training or exercising horses and other animals (“GGT Goods”) and United States Registration No. 4,012,875 for its GGT FOOTING mark in connection with the same GGT Goods. These registrations are incontestable and provide our client with nationwide exclusivity to use the GGT Marks in connection with the GGT Goods. In addition, Polysols holds substantial common law trademark rights in the GERMAN GEO TEXTILE FOOTING mark in connection with the GGT Goods.

Polysols has continuously used the GGT Marks since 2007 and advertises and promotes its marks extensively in various print, online and other media.

Polysols has invested significant resources, time, and marketing effort to promote the GGT Marks and, as a result, they are strong indicators of source in the marketplace. Indeed, a significant amount of goodwill has become associated with our client’s marks and consumers in the arena footing industry readily recognize the GGT Marks, and the GERMAN GEO TEXTILE FOOTING mark, as a source identifier for footing goods. These marks are valuable intellectual property of Polysols and GGT Footing™

As you may know, federal law protects any word, name, symbol, device, or combination thereof, used to identify and distinguish the source of an entity’s goods or services (i.e., a trademark). When another entity uses a mark likely to cause confusion, mistake, or deception, amongst the consuming public, federal law provides a cause of action to enjoin such infringing use and recover any monetary damages caused by such infringing use. Two of the most important considerations in this analysis are a determination of the similarity of the marks and the similarity of the goods or services offered under those marks.

IF you are searching for the GENUINE GGT Footing-™

Please feel free to contact Cynthia Keating -Director of National sales @

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