Let's build your arena

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Whether you are in need of an arena makeover or you or just need to freshen up your footing, our expert team can help you design exactly what you need.


Focusing on every aspect of the arena building process, GGT-Footing™ will help you take your desired design and make it into a reality.

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From world-class horse shows to your private stables, GGT-Footing™ provides an array of products that can help maintain your arena. 

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Stall-EZ Stable Mats

Keeps Your Stable Easy to Clean!

GGT now has a solution for your stable surfaces! our Stall-EZ Stable Mats are an easy to install solution for providing matting to your stalls or barn aisle. Available to cover any size floor space, we believe our Stall-EZ Stable Mats are the best affordable solution for providing mats in your barn!

Horse Stall Mats
Horse Stall Mats
Horse Stall Mats
  • Covers any type of floor surface including cement aisles.

  • Easy to install and handle.

  • Superior to traditional rubber mats.

  • Water permeable.

Want to build your arena yourself?

What is GGT

Soundness and performance, that is the main focus when it comes to riding surfaces. Since the inception of riding arenas, people have experimented with varieties of materials with the ultimate goal of creating the perfect riding surface. We won't say that we have developed the perfect riding surface, but after 20 years of experimenting, listening to equine professionals and veterinarians, we have found that our materials and products provide the best solution... economically and environmentally.


"Hello GGT Footing! We just wanted to send you a thank you from all of us at Georgia Equestrian for being a supporter of the NCEA! While this year did not end the way that any of us hoped, we really are appreciative and thankful for your continued support for our sport and for our student athletes."

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