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Have you been thinking about some upgrades to your farm lately? Since so many people are staying home, now is a perfect time to improve your facility. At GGT-Footing we offer alternatives to rubber mats for your stalls, arenas, hot-walkers, round pens and riding tracks... not to mention solutions to for dust and mud control. All of our products are virgin material. We repurpose remnant virgin material to make various textile blends. 


With everything going on, we are now making it as easy as possible for you to take part in all of our current promotions!


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GGT-Footing™ provides the highest quality Stall-EZ Stable Mats. Contact us to see prices, sizes, and different options to accommodate your barn.


mixing sand?

Arena Builder Clint Bertalan has his own portable mixer that can be used on site for blending a GGT FOOTING and new sand!

Give clint a call at 973-222-1668 to learn more!

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What is GGT

Soundness and performance, that is the main focus when it comes to riding surfaces. Since the inception of riding arenas, people have experimented with varieties of materials with the ultimate goal of creating the perfect riding surface. We won't say that we have developed the perfect riding surface, but after 20 years of experimenting, listening to equine professionals and veterinarians, we have found that our materials and products provide the best solution... economically and environmentally.


"Hello GGT Footing! We just wanted to send you a thank you from all of us at Georgia Equestrian for being a supporter of the NCEA! While this year did not end the way that any of us hoped, we really are appreciative and thankful for your continued support for our sport and for our student athletes."

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