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GGT-Footing™ | Pleasure Blend

Easy to Install Hose Area Footing

Can be mixed into existing or new arenas

Affodable Hore Arena

Economically priced, suitable for many disciplines

Water Retaining Footing

Improves water retention

Easy to Install Area Footing

Easy to install and maintain

Equestrian Footing

Provides structure to your sand

Compaction Resistant Arena Footing

Resistance to compaction

Equesrian Arena Footing

Contains 90% GEO to 10%Fiber

Non Slip Area Footing

Helps prevent slippage

Non Toxic Arena Footing

non-toxic, non-allergenic, uv resistant

pleasure Blend Calculator

Quote Calculator is not an official quote from GGT-Footing™. Quote calculator is an estimate of price depending on the size of your ring. It does not include shipping or installation. For a full quote estimate, please fill out our official quote request form. 

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Pleasure Blend Footing

Focused on the comfort of the horse, GGT Pleasure Blend is the number one choice for riders at any level.

Pleasure Blend More Info
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"My daughter rides short stirrup and I ride for pleasure. We love our pleasure blend and I feel so much safer with having GGT-Footing™ arena products in my sand... easier to bounce if anyone falls off!"

Nicole | Florida
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