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For the most accurate quote possible, please fill out our quote form below. If you have any questions please contact us directly.

Pleasure Blend Footing Quote

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DISCLAIMER: Due to variables in weight imposed by the production of our products, we are not able to accurately quote product weights until the product has been pulled & staged for shipment. Therefore it is recommended to use a conservative buffer variable of +/- 5%. The accurate delivery volume will be invoiced at the time of delivery and the difference must be paid along with the final payment. Additionally, flatbed and ocean container loads are an additional $100/load. GGT FOOTING ® is sold through authorized distributors and arena builders . If you choose to use our product on your own or with an unauthorized builder, Polysols assumes no responsibility for the final result. 50% of the product cost is due at time of order confirmation. All clients must have a valid credit card on file. POLYSOLS CAN NOT GUARANTEE AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCT UNTIL DEPOSIT HAS BEEN SECURED. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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