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GGT Footing® | jumping Blend

Additional fiber increased: 30% Fiber and 70% GEO

includes all benefits of the dressage blend

Increased impact resistance

Excellent energy rebound

Higher fiber content to support horse in jump-off and landing areas

protection for equine joints and ligaments

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Quote Calculator is not an official quote from GGT Footing®. Quote calculator is an estimate of price depending on the size of your ring. It does not include shipping or installation. For a full quote estimate, please fill out our official quote request form. 

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Jumping Blend Footing

Increasing the ratio of fiber to GEO, GGT-Footing™ has developed a perfect combination of footing to provide the best  jumping focused blend. 


Jump Blend
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"The GGT-Footing™ is amazing! My horses are traveling better and I can truly ride and school in all weather conditions."

Daniel Geitner | DFG Stables
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