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"Fieldstone Show Park, located 28 miles south of Boston, is grateful and blessed to have had GGT-Footing as a sponsor for the past 12 years. With help from GGT-Footing, Fieldstone has 10 show rings with over 350,000 square feet of the best equestrian footing products in the world. It has been a great pleasure to work with Cynthia Keating, the hardest working sales representative any company could ever desire. "

Scott Clawson, Fieldstone Show Park - Halifax, MA

"GGT-Footing has been a proud sponsor and partner of West Palms Events for almost 15 years, going above and beyond to provide us with the best product available on the market. The commitment to customer service is unparalleled. Their understanding of footing requirements, not only in the competition arena, but also in the installation process is essential in a footing partner. Cynthia Brewer Keating and her team are the best in the business."

Dale Harvey, West Palms Event Management - CA

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"Over close to three decades in Show Jumping, I’ve had the opportunity to witness and enjoy a few different farm rings all of whom have been made optimum by GGT product and expertise.  That perspective has been further shaped after eleven years as the Founder and Chairman of the CSI 3* Silver Oak Jumper Tournament.  I learned early on the # 1 ingredient in a world class Jumper show is – footing, footing, footing.  GGT is quite simply the very best, and it keeps evolving, improving impacting the longevity of our horses careers and comfort.  At the end of the day we all do this in large part out of our love for our horses.  If you love your horse you simply cannot put them on any other surface."

Jeff Papows, Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

"Having GGT footing in our arena has been nothing short of a game changer. We love the traction, support, stability, and safety it provides. Not only do we notice a difference in our horses and program, but all our clients do too. We are always complimented on the quality and look. Everyone wants to know more! "


CM Farms

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"She loves riding on her new GGT arena!  The budget mats were perfect, allowing her to ride directly after a heavy rain and she and her horses love riding on GGT – Dressage Blend.  She couldn’t have been happier with the result and was pleased with our customer service! Would definitely recommend GGT – Footing to her friends in the horse world."

Noell Lacy - Waco, TX

"We installed our GGT footing here at Navillus Dressage & Sport Horses, LLC in September, 2019.  The entire process from planning to installation was seamless.  We worked with Barbara Dipalma to develop the blend that best suited our dressage business.  Ultimately we made the decision to have the GGT and sand pre-blended and delivered ready for installation. A year later we couldn’t be happier with the easy maintenance and positive impact on the horses way of going and long term soundness!"


Lucille Sullivan

Owner, Navillus Dressage & Sport Horses, LLC


"Our horses and clients love our new GGT premium footing. It’s the perfect blend of stability and cushion. We added Magnesium Chloride so it’s dust free and has zero maintenance! "



Castle Farm


Quiet Winter Farm

"Thank you SOOO much Cynthia from GGT!! This company has been spot on and so easy to deal with. The GGT has completely resurrected my arenas - indoor, outdoor and round pen. Excellent and top-shelf footing. We are so happy at Quiet Winter Farm!! Thank you again! Look forward to doing business again in the future."

"GGT-Footing™ is like riding on a cloud: soft, springy, good traction, and quiet. I am delighted that it is the footing chosen for Houghton College's magnificent new indoor arena."

Joanne Young

Houghton College

Marissa Sequerth

Empire Equestrian

"Best footing ever! I hosted a clinic this weekend with 23 riders, many NEW to this footing, and everyone LOVED it!"

"Hello GGT Footing! We just wanted to send you a thank you from all of us at Georgia Equestrian for being a supporter of the NCEA! While this year did not end the way that any of us hoped, we really are appreciative and thankful for your continued support for our sport and for our student athletes. "

University of Georgia

Georgia Equestrian