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What is GGt

For more than 20 years Polysols has been producing innovative products for the market of riding arena construction. All of our products are virgin material. We repurpose remnant virgin material to make various textile blends. With our focus on developing the best combination of includes synthetic chopped nonwoven material, and combining it with a high-quality Silica Sand, GGT Footing® has elevated equestrian footing used throughout different disciplines and different levels of performance.

No matter what your discipline is or skill level, our expertise and guidance will assist you in developing a world-class riding arena that protects you and your horse. 

Arena Footing
GGT Elastic Fibers
Arena Footing
GGT PES Fibers

Our fibers are pure or as an admixture in the non-woven fabrics. Fibers act like a root system in the sandy soil and primarily improve the stability and shear strength of riding floors. Here we also have the possibility to produce fiber in biocompatible quality.


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