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GGt Footing®

World class footing blends for every discipline

Let's build your arena

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Whether you are in need of an arena makeover or you or just need to freshen up your footing, our expert team can help you design exactly what you need.


From world-class horse shows to your private stables, GGT Footing® provides an array of products that can help maintain your arena.

Condition your arena like the pros.

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Our team works alongside FEI footing consultants, tailoring our products and blends to meet the needs of professionals and show facilities. 

What is GGT

Soundness and Performance 

That's the Focus

For more than 25 years, Polysols, the parent company of GGT Footing® has been producing innovative equestrian footing products for the market of riding arena construction. All of our products are repurposed remnant virgin material used to make our various fiber and textile blends. With our focus on developing the best combination of synthetic chopped non-woven material, and combining it with the highest quality sands at proven quarries across the county, GGT Footing® has elevated the performance of equestrian footing for all disciplines and at the highest levels of Show Jumping and Dressage.

No matter what your discipline is or skill level, our expertise and guidance will assist you in developing a world-class riding arena that protects you and your horse.




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"The commitment to customer service is unparalleled. Their understanding of footing requirements, not only in the competition arena, but also in the installation process is essential in a footing partner. 

Cynthia Brewer Keating and her team are the best in the business."

Fieldstone Show park

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"With help from GGT Footing®, Fieldstone has 10 show rings with over 350,000 square feet of the best equestrian footing products in the world. 

It has been a great pleasure to work with Cynthia Keating, the hardest working sales representative any company could ever desire."

Silver oak jumping tournement 

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I learned early on the # 1 ingredient in a world class Jumper show is – footing, footing, footing.  GGT is quite simply the very best, and it keeps evolving, improving impacting the longevity of our horses careers and comfort. 

At the end of the day we all do this in large part out of our love for our horses.  If you love your horse you simply cannot put them on any other surface.

Want to build your arena yourself?

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