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GGT Arena Conditioner Videos

How to Properly Attach Your GGT-Footing Arena Conditioner

To properly attach your arena conditioner to your tractor please use caution as the groomer is heavy and can cause injury if done improperly. If you have any questions please contact GGT-Footing. GGT-Footing conditioners are perfect for Equestrian Footing Services, horse arenas, and western arenas.

GGT-Footing ATV Conditioner 57 Inch Set Up

GGT-Footing ATV Conditioner 57 Inch Set Up Part 2

GGT-Footing ATV Conditioner

Portable mixer for blending GGT FOOTING and new sand!

Arena Builder Clint Bertalan has his own portable mixer that can be used on site for blending a GGT-Footing and new sand!

Contact: 1-973-222-1668

GGT-Footing Install

GGT Footing Arena at Traverse City Horse Show

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