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Introducing: The GGT-Arena at Serenity Farm

GGT-Footing outfits Serenity Farm with new state-of-the-art arena in "groundbreaking" new partnership with Kelli Cruciotti-VanderVeen.

In Wellington, FL, the new home of Serenity Farm boasts an exciting new addition: a 120' x 220' state-of-the-art training arena.

The GGT-Arena at Serenity Farm is the result of a groundbreaking new sponsorship of Kelli Cruciotti-VanderVeen, one of show jumping's brightest young stars. Cruciotti-VanderVeen, who trains at Serenity Farm alongside her mother Cindy Cruciotti and Kelli Clevenger, will be supported by GGT-Footing as she continues her pursuit of the sport's premier championships.

"I am so excited and honored to be partnered with a company like GGT Footing," Cruciotti-VanderVeen said. "With their unparalleled standards and quality of work, when asked to be a part of the team, Serenity Farm could not have accepted faster. We look forward to having a wonderful and long relationship together!"

"GGT-Footing has been supporting equestrians for a very long time, not only through sponsorship of horse shows and ambassadorships, but also in this instance—a real sponsorship where we have donated the cost of the footing," said Cynthia Brewster-Keating, Marketing Director of GGT-Footing. "We're very excited to work with Kelli. She is going to have fabulous footing to train her horses on, and we know she will represent us well. She has been so gracious."

The GGT-Arena at Serenity Farm is outfitted with a specialty footing, consisting of a multiple-sand mix with GGT fibers and textiles. The surface was installed by Brett Raflowitz's Equestrian Services International, who mixed the pre-blended material and used his innovative automated equipment to construct and grade the space in less than 10 days.

"Kelli and my daughter [Brittni] have competed alongside one another for many years," Raflowitz said. "This was a more in-depth involvement than just business. It's been great to watch [Kelli and Cindy] build their new farm and get it ready to go."

The team effort extended through to arena maintenance, as Raflowitz assisted with irrigation to get the space watered properly, while GGT-Footing supplied Serenity Farm with its specialty arena groomer, imported from Germany. For current and prospective GGT-Footing customers in the Wellington area, the arena will also be available for viewing as a model.

"GGT footing has many different levels of product—from small yards to supporting Olympic riders like Kelli," Brewster-Keating said. "The facility is there so that we can also send clients to see an arena that’s been professionally done—and run by a family with high ethical standards."

The GGT-Arena at Serenity Farm will surely be the focal point of Serenity Farm's exciting new facility, after relocating to South Florida from its longtime Elizabeth, CO base last year. While the main barn is still under construction, GGT-Footing's support has made the facility a fully operational place to train.

"I love the entire family. To be part of a group of such wonderful people gets me extremely excited," Brewster-Keating said. "They’re horse people. They care about how the horses are doing long-term. They've dedicated themselves to working in Wellington full-time, and we're thrilled to be able to support them in that endeavor."


For more information on GGT-Footing, contact:

Cynthia Brewster-Keating

National Sales Manager, Sponsorship and Marketing Director, Arena Builder Liaison

(864) 804-0011

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