GGT ATV Care Basic

Ball Point Hitch


3 Adjustable Fields

The GGT ATV Care lineup combines the arena conditioning technology with an easy to use package that links to any ATV or 4x4.

GGT ATV Care Basic

Specs & Variations

Not All Variations Listed. Photos are NOT Representative of all variations. For custom variations contact GGT-Footing.

Conditioner Type

Conditioner Width

Conditioner Weight

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57 Inch



    GGT ATV Care Basic 57" (std with track clearer) 1.45m


57 Inch



    GGT ATV Care Basic 57" Farm Flex 1.45m

Arena Groomer Warranty


Framework (which covers the welds, draw bar, leveling bar) is 1 year. 


Ratchets, tires and ripper teeth are 6 months. 


Everything Else 30 days. 

GGT ATV Care Basic

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