GGT ONE Care Pro

3 - Point Hitch


3 Adjustable Fields

The GGT ONE Care Pro is the ultimate arena conditioner for use on a variety of surfaces and sets new standards in handling and quality. It is especially developed for caring and leveling of uneven fleece, geotextile and sandy soils.
The construction of the leveler is robust and the handling is easy. The basic equipment includes a three-point linkage with integrated follow-up device and also in two rows arranged harrow tines as well as an oscillating grid-roll with screw conveyor.
The height adjustable chassis enables an easy coupling to the vehicle and also offers a depth regulation on difficult soils.

GGT ONE Care Pro

Specs & Variations

Not All Variations Listed. Photos are NOT Representative of all variations. For custom variations contact GGT-Footing.

Conditioner Type

Conditioner Width

Conditioner Weight

Conditioner Price


71 Inch



    GGT ONE Care Pro 71" 1.8m


87 Inch



    GGT ONE Care Pro 87" 2.2m


87 Inch



    GGT ONE Care Pro 87" Farm Flex 2.2m


98 Inch



    GGT ONE Care Pro 98" 2.5m


99 Inch



    GGT ONE Care Pro 98" Farm Flex 2.5m

Arena Groomer Warranty


Framework (which covers the welds, draw bar, leveling bar) is 1 year. 


Ratchets, tires and ripper teeth are 6 months. 


Everything Else 30 days. 

GGT ONE Care Pro

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